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Champion Chinese Owl
SA All Variety Breed Championship Show 2010
Bred and Owned by Ruan de Bruin from Pretoria

Chinese Owls
by AM Ingle 
(Taken from Poultry Pigeon & Bird Magazine October 1958)

"I have just recently landed 3 pairs of the finest Chinese Owls from Denmark that it has ever been my privilege to see; a pair each Black, Blue Bar and Blue Check. The way they came is worth recording.
The English Magazine published a report of a Scandinavian Show and mentioned the quality of the Chinese Owls. I wrote to the name mentioned of the exhibitor and asked for details of colour, age and price at which they could be obtained. No order was placed and I had never heard of or contacted in any way the man to whom I wrote. To my astonishment I received an airmail letter saying 3 pairs had been sent and I would be advised later as to price. All charges were paid to Durban.

Fortunately, I had an import permit and local Veterinary Certificate. The birds arrived in 36 hours. I have never seen better in my life.

I have now received a letter covering charges, etc, hoping that I was well pleased. I was more than pleased and the price was more than reasonable.

I have never had such an experience before of absolute trust between strangers, but both Pigeon Lovers. It has left a very nice feeling towards Denmark and this Fancier in particular. I hope he is as pleased as I am." 

Note:  It is a pity that Mr. Ingle didn't mentioned the price

Note on HC Haarhoff, exhibitor during the Kroonstad Show in 1949

I had the honor to meet his grand son Andre Haarhoff during the Box Beak Day in Bloemfontein on 28 Augustus 2010. Andre told me that his Grand father was called Izak and he can remember that there was some 50 different breeds in the lofts. Izak was from Colesberg. Andre also still stays in Colesberg and is a keen fancy pigeon breeder. Keeping fancy pigeons seems to run in the blood of certain families - Kobus Snyman

Paging through SA Poultry Pigeon & Bird Magazine the above article was the only that was published on Chinese Owls between 1943 - 1958. And according to the show results, it seems that the Chinese Owl was not a popular pigeon to keep.  I must also admit that before I left Namibia (former South West Africa) in 1976, I have not seen or known about Chinese Owls.  African Owls, however, was a popular breed in Namibia. - remarks by Kobus Snyman, Web Master

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1944: Cape Town Show - Chinese Owls - White cock - 1. Mills; Hen - 2nd -Rich;  A.O.C. cock & Hen -1. Rich

1944: Malmesbury Chinese OwlsWhite Cock - 1 & 3 - Coetzee; 2. V/d Merwe; Hen - 1 & Special - V/d Merwe; 2. Mills; Blue Cock - 1. MM Louw;  Hen - V/d Merwe; A.O. C - Cock - 1. Rich; 2 & 3 Mills; Hen - 1. Rich; 2. Mills  

1945: Marmesbury Show: - Chinese Owls White - 1. Arendze; White Hen - 2nd. - Coetzee; Red or Yellow - 2nd Coetzee;  A.O.C cock & Hen. - 1. Arendze

1947: Calidon SHow Results: Chinese Owls - WHite Cock: 1. PJ Hall; 2. CJ Hall; T v/d Merwe; Hen: 1. CJ Hall; 2. PJ Hall; Blue Cock: 1. A Arendze; 2. G Hough; Hen: 1. CJ Hall; 2. AJ Arendze; A.O.C Cock;: 1. JA Arendze; Hen 1&2 AJ Arendze. 

1949: Championship Show, Pietermaritzburg: Chinese Owls: Cock: 1. PJ Liebenberg; 2. A Ingle; 3. WF Loftus; Hen: 1. A Ingle; 2. WF Loftus; 3. PJ Liebenberg

1949: Kroonstad Agricultural Show: Chinese Owls, Cock & Hens:  HC Haarhoff (See note on the lower left hand side under remarks on this page)

1951: Championship Show Cape Town: Chinese Owls Cock: 1&3. A Griffiths; 3. BJ Osborne; Hen: 1,2&3. A. Griffiths; Cock Yearling: 1. A Griffiths; Hen Yearling: 1,2&3. A Griffiths

1952: SAPA Championship Show. East London: Chinese Owls - Cock 1,,2&3.K Griffiths;  Hens - 1. JL du Preez; 2. AA Francis; 3. BC Pretorius; Yearling hen - 1,2&3. K Griffiths

1953: Championship Show, Pietermaritzburg: Chinese Owls Cock Open: 4. A Ingle; Hen Open: 2. A Ingle; 

1954:  Bloemfontein Agricultural Show - A..C. Cock Open - 1 & 3. JS Henning; 2. J de Bruin; A.C. Hen Open - 1. HJ de Bruin; 2. JS Henning.

1954: SAFPA Championship Show Pietermaritzburg: A.C. Cock - 1. W Keppler; 2&3. C Gouws; Hen - 1. W Keppler; 2. JH Muller; 2. AL Venter; 3. D van Rensburg

1955: Port Elizabeth - Eastern Province Division of SAFPA: Chinese Owls - Cocks (Open)  - 1. D v. Schalkwyk; 2&3. C. Henegan; Hens (Open) 1. D van Schalkwyk; 3. C Henegan. 

1956: SA Championship Show - Exhibited in the Frill Section: 
Best Open Cock and Open Hen: 1. HCW du Toit; Best A.O.C - Open - 1. CJ Henegan

1956 (OVS Sierduifvereniging) Bloemfontein: Chinese Owls: Any colour Cock Open -1. MJ Ferreira; Yearling Cock - PJ Liebenberg;  Open Hen  1. HJ de Bruin; Yearling Cock - 1. JS van der Walt; Yearling Hen - 1. JS van der Walt

1958: OVS Sierduifvereniging, Bloemfontein:  On show 1200 pigeons of which Rev Malan judged 1,000 in 1 day. Chinese Owls - Any Colour Open Cock -1. JF Boshoff; 2. PJ Liebenberg; ; 3. Holmes & Van Zyl;  Hen Open - 1. JF Boshoff; 2. PJ Liebenberg; Yearling Cock - 1. Holmes & Van Zyl; 2. JB Bothma; 3. PJ Liebenberg; Yearling Hen - 1. JD Bothma; 2 & 3. Holmes & Van Zyl.

1958: SA Championship Show - Pietermaritzburg - Chinese Owl - Self Colour Hen - 1. B Raw; 2. Master J Mathais; 3. A Ingle; Yearling Cock - 2. Master J Mathais; Hen - 2. Master J Mathais; A.O.C. Cock - 1. A Ingle; 2. E v/d Berg; Hen - 2. A Ingle.

More news from the past will be published
Taken from: SA Poultry Pigeon & Bird Magazine

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